Yellow Teeth

Yellow teeth?

LipSense®️Colours That Make Teeth Look Whiter

It is true that certain lipstick colours can make your teeth appear whiter. Check out our lipstick colour guide and feel confident with a bright smile.

A consistent bright smile isn’t easy (or cheap) to come by. A beauty cheat’s way is clever lipstick buying – and your whiter-looking teeth will prove it really does work!

Racy reds

Picking blue-based tones rather than orangey reds gives teeth an instant gleam. Why? It's all to do with the colour wheel. Blue and yellow sit across from each other on the wheel, so blue tones tend to cancel out orange or yellow tones when put together, and vice versa. Lipsticks formulated with a blue base will help diminish any orange or yellow tones on your teeth.

Ravishing raspberry

Darker pinks are the easiest shades to wear with little risk of making teeth look yellow. That’s because the tones in darker shades of pink are blue, vital for making teeth look whiter. Try a raspberry tint and, rather than a matte finish, add just a touch of clear gloss in the centre of your lips to add an instant injection of volume.

Bright pink

A combination of fuchsia pink and a high-shine formula work together to make your smile appear whiter.

A flash of turquoise

For the same reason that blue-bases make your teeth appear whiter, turquoise does too. You’ll find turquoise in mainly nude shades. Team with moisturising lipsticks that shimmer slightly as the flash of iridescence will light up your complexion making your teeth appear whiter. The combination of nude and turquoise will suit all skin tones.

Purple passion

A dark purple shade is especially flattering for darker skin tones and immediately adds a cool elegance to any look. Plus, of course, it will brighten teeth.

Think light pinks

It’s trickier to find lighter pinks that keep teeth looking white than it is with reds, because they don’t have the dark contrast to make teeth shine. If you prefer softer pinks, look for a version that has a berry-hue to brighten up your smile.

Pleasantly plum

Another member of the darker pink family is plum, and a lipstick in this shade is an instant teeth whitener. Berries are normally a combination of pink and purple tints so the blue tones are very strong.

Rich berries

If you like to wear dark lipstick, go for a rich berry shade. Whether that’s purple-toned or a deep red, both will brighten your smile.

Naturally nude

As well as making teeth more radiant, nudes plump up thinner lips, especially if they contain a slight shine. Go for lipsticks with moisturising in the name as lighter shades of lipsticks can make lips look dry.

The three rules when choosing a lipstick

1. Pick out the hues

When choosing a lipstick, remember that orange and yellow hues tend to bring out the same tones in your teeth. It’s easy to spot the colours - just hold the lipstick up to the light and the tones will pop out at you.

2. Think of your skin tone

It’s all very well looking for the tones in lipsticks to make your teeth appear whiter, but the shade you choose will also have to complement your skin tone. Red mixed with coral suit fair skin-tones, while cranberry and true red are better with medium skin tones. Darker complexions can carry off deep burgundy shades.

3. Your new beauty helper

For pearly whites, brush twice daily with Oral-B Pro-Expert. It promotes stronger, healthier teeth and gums to keep your smile bright for ever.

And what not to wear

To fake a whiter smile there are a few colours to avoid…

Frosted shimmer

A little bit of shine is great, but too much will settle into fine lines around your mouth. Any colour that’s too icy will make your lips look whiter and your teeth duller.


When you wear neon nail varnish or clothes, your skin will look more tanned. This works in the same way with teeth, too. Wear Day-Glo on your lips and you’ll adopt a brown tinge on your teeth.


If you’ve got any brown tones in your teeth – and it’s a common side effect of ageing – brown lipsticks are a definite no, as they’ll highlight them. Brown shades also bring out a yellow tinge in your teeth.


Matte lipsticks give an illusion of dry lips so your teeth will have no shine to bounce off.


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