You want your lipstick to enhance your looks.

What lip colours should you choose? đź’„đź’‹

Deciding on what lip colours to purchase is not as difficult as it initially seems to be. You simply have to determine the undertones or base colours of your complexion.

The first step is to find out what your complexion is.

To determine this, see how your skin looks under natural lighting. Specifically, look at the skin in your jaw area.

The following questions will help you determine if your skin is fair, medium, and dark:

Is your skin translucent or pale?

Does it burn easily when exposed to the sun?

Does it easily look flushed outdoor?

Do you have freckles?

If you answer “yes” to these questions, you have fair skin.

Do you tan easily?

Are you unlikely to burn?

Can your skin withstand the heat of the sun without burning or becoming sensitive and flushed?

If "yes" to these questions, your skin falls under the medium category.

Is your skin dark, olive or tan?

Does it look bronzed even in wintry weather?

Does your skin never get sunburned even if you stay long hours under the sun?

If "yes", your skin can be described as dark.

Aside from considering your general complexion, you should also determine your undertones. Your skin undertones may be cool, warm or neutral.

The easiest way to do this is to look at your inner wrists under natural light and determine the color of the veins.

Purple or blue veins indicate that you have cool undertones. Green veins indicate warm undertones.

If you have a difficult time determining whether the color of your veins is blue or green, chances are you have neutral undertones. You will look fine with lip colors that belong to either the warm or cool spectrum.

Now that you know both your complexion and undertones, you can easily choose the right lip colors.

Fair Skin

If you have fair skin, go for lip colors with shades of light brown, pink or nude. These colors will go a long way to flatter and brighten up your fair skin.

If you have warm undertones, choose pale pink or nude peach. If you have cool undertones, opt for soft mocha or natural nude hues.

LipSense®️Suggestions: Kiss Me Katie, Pink Champagne, Cappuccino, Beige Champagne

Medium Skin

If you have a medium complexion, you have an extensive palette of hues to consider. Heartbreaker, Corals, Browns, and Reds will work wonders for your skin.

If you have cool undertones Red-Pinks will look great on you, like Roseberry LipSense®️ If you have warm undertones, you can choose colors that have copper or bronze tints.

LipSense®️Suggestions: Sheer Berry, Plum, Praline Rose, Rose All Day, Caramel Apple, Mulled Wine

Dark Skin

Dark Red lipsticks are perfect for dark skin. If you have cool undertones, choose wine-red, bright crimson like Crimson Red LipSense®️ or B ruby. If you have warmer undertones, go

for red lipstick that has hints of copper or bronze.

LipSense®️Suggestions: Cocoa, Mulled Wine, Berry, Nutmeg, Blu-Red

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