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The truth about Red Lipstick

I was doing some investigating online and found the some interesting facts about lip colour. These facts made me think of how much I appreciate some of the things that are easy to take for granted wearing LipSense®️. 1) Cochineal dye (this is crushed beetles 🤢)is a common ingredient in lipstick. It is made from crushed Cochineal beetles from South and Central America. ( Ewwwww! Nope, no beetles in LipSense®️ ingredients). 2) According to the Human Society many cosmetics companies including lipstick manufacturers use animal testing in the development of their products. (Never! LipSense®️ is cruelty free! Always!) 3) 30% or more of a lipstick ends up in a woman’s stomach. (Yuk! Aren’t you glad LipSense®️ stays put! I would rather put something healthy in my tummy). 4) Men glance longest at women wearing red lip color. (Hmmm….Fly Girl, Blu-Red, Strawberry Shortcake so many reds. I hope there are enough men to go around!) 💄💋 


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