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Let’s see if you can see my logic 😉❤️ Why SeneGence®️? It is one of the fastest growing DS companies at a ground floor opportunity. Here are a few FACTS!! 📈 1. If you stay with your DS company for 10 years, you will hit the top ranks in the company 👑💎💰 2. We have less than 1,000 distributors. Compare that to younique (550,00+), and Avon (150,000)💃 3. We are in the "ground floor stage", this is the very beginning of UK adventure. 😱 4. Not even 0.01% of women in the UK are LipSense distributors 💁‍♀️ 5. Direct sales combine sell $15 million-$7 billion annually in each state in USA💰💰💰💰 6. SeneGence®️ is in the 100Million Growth Club meaning they grew by $100 million in a year.💰💰 Lets compare SeneGence®️to other markets, and companies. 1. SeneGence®️is outgrowing the entire beauty market by 700%. The beauty market grew 4% last year. 2. Skincare market grew 4% last year, SeneGence®️grew 600% faster. 3. Color cosmetics grew 2%, SeneGence®️ grew 700% faster 4. L'Oreal grew 4.7% (this includes all brands they own includling NYX, Lancome, etc). SeneGence®️grew 150x more. 5. Coty grew 1% (this includes NYC, Rimmel, Covergirl, etc.). SeneGence®️ grew 700x more. 6. Estee Lauder grew 7% (this includes MAC, Two Faced, etc). SeneGence®️grew 100x faster. 7. LVMH grew 8% (this includes Sephora, Dior, Marc Jacobs, etc). SeneGence®️grew 90x more. Now for other Direct Sales Companies -Amway (0% growth), Avon (-3% growth), Nu Skin (-10%). -Arbonne (10% growth, Senegence®️ 70x more), Rodan and Fields (40% growth, SeneGence®️ 18x more), Herbalife (6%, SeneGence®️117x more!) 


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