SeneGence Silk Pore and Wrinkle Minimizer

Let’s talk PRIMER.

It’s easy with all the products on the market to feel like “Primer” is something makeup companies made up to get more £ out of your pocket. However, primer is a game changer! It is important that your primer and foundation are from the same company so they are made to work together.

CHECK IT OUT: SILK and our Colour Correcting Tinted Moisturizer (CCTM). Oranges are one of the fruits that have HUGE pores – so we wanted to see if it’d really make a difference.

SILK + CCTM on an Orange = HUGE difference with and without SILK. Primer for the win!!

How does primer make a difference?

It helps hide imperfections. If you think of your face as a blank canvas – once the primer is applied, the canvas is truly flawless and therefore enables a perfect application – even giving you that “air-brushed” look. Yes, please! #senegencesilk #primer #largepores #poreminimizer #poreminimizing #lesswrinkles #airbrushmakeup #airbrush


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