Senegence's LipSmooth™ Conditioning Polish

Before we recommend LipSense, we have to make sure our customers are taking care of their lips! Make SURE that you ditch any waxed based products, lip balms and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ditch the Vaseline! This is the WORST for your lips. Ok, quick unofficial poll: By a raise of hands (put this in the comments below 🙋‍♀️) if you do any type of lip prep before you wear anything on your lips? If your answer is "no" then I want you to listen up! Taking care of and prepping your lips has a huge impact on the application and staying power of your LipSense (or any lip colour for that matter)!!! So what do I recommend? A 2-step process that I call my Lip Love Rehab! First, I use Senegence's LipSmooth™ Conditioning Polish, a natural-based, non-abrasive polish that exfoliates and conditions lips to prepare them for the perfect LipSense application! I’ve been using this a few times a week to slough off dead skin, encourage circulation and cell turnover, and to leave my lips feeling so stinking soft! Second, I swear by Senegence Lip Balm. I apply it every night and after I use the lip scrub to pack in the moisture, help sooth any abrasions, and to give myself the pillowy-soft pout I should have! So who's ready for a little lip love this week? #lipsmooth #conditionlips #lipconditioner  


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