SeneGence Lip balm and Lip scrub

Ever wonder why you keep that stick of chapstick in your pocket and feel the need to apply every ten minutes?!

Wax!!! + other ingredients give you temporary relief and trick your brain that you’re giving your lips treatment🚫🚫 wrong❗❗❗ its a marketing gimmick and well they got you 🤣

Senegence™ balm + polisher does what it says its going to do! Hydrates and repairs those peely, dry, chapped lips! 💧💧😬

Here’s how I use both together!

👉🏼Step 1. Start with clean dry lips. Remove all lip products.

👉🏼Step 2. Apply lip smooth thoroughly on lips; scrub it in a little.

👉🏼Step 3. Remove lips smooth with a damp washcloth

👉🏼Step 4. Apply Senegence™ Lip Balm and enjoy your newly exfoliated smooth lips!

Trust me - if you’ve tried this duo, you KNOW it’s amazing! 🙌🏻🥰

💋they work better as a team! 😉💪🙌 👄

Time to make the switch!!

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