SeneGence Lip Balm

Have I told you the Lip Balm is called liquid gold by distributors⁉️

I didn’t understand the hype until I tried it myself! 😱 I went to bed with dry cracked lips and woke up with smooth healthy ones!

Over 👏🏼 night 👏🏼 results

Say goodbye 👋🏼 to dry, rough lips and hello to nourishment and protection 🙌🏼

The Lip Balm is blended with moisturizers and conditioners to help alleviate dry, chapped, and damaged skin. 💋 It not only deliver moisture INTO your lips but also protects lips from moisture loss 🙌🏼

And of course it has our patented SenePlex Complex® to increase cellular renewal for speedy recovery from damage! #senegence #seneplex #seneplexcomplex #lipbalm #lipcare #liplove #drylips


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