SeneGence®️ BlushSense

This is a makeup must have! Delivers the perfect touch of color with long lasting benefits & nourishing ingredients. A little goes a long way with this color-concentrated formula.

With 7 beautiful colors, there’s a color or blend for everyone. Use them as blush, contour with colors like bronze, you can even use as shadow!

It’s incredibly creamy, lightweight & easy to blend! The best part, because it lasts until the wee hours, it’s now actually worth applying blush.

Did you know if you just wear tinted moisturizer or even nothing at all, a little blush goes a long way in making you look lively and makes a dramatic difference on your face with that tiny added touch of color on your cheeks! Seriously! It’s a game changer!


Chocolate Cherry

Terra Cotta


Pink Berry

Toasted Rose

Pouty Pink

What’s in it?

SenePlex Complex for advanced anti-aging.

Glucosamine HCI to enhance collagen production.

Sodium Hhyaluronate to provide extreme moisturizing benefits.

Laminara Digitata Extract (algae) to hydrate, soften, and enhances skin’s ability to repair itself.

Aloe Leaf juice to moisturize & soothe.

Vitamin A to increase skin elasticity.

Vitamin B essential for formation or new, healthy tissue.

You should almost never need to replace it unless you lose it, or your makeup loving friend steals it from you! When we say you don’t even need to squeeze the tube we mean it. A little goes a long way with this highly pigmented blush!

I’m ordering one this week for demonstration. What colour will I get? #blushsense #senegence #antiagingproducts

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