Rose Gold Shimmer ShadowSense® eye shadow - preorder

How beautiful is the BRAND NEW - LIMITED EDITION Rose Gold eyeshadow?! I cannot wait to get my hands on this! Taking pre-orders NOW for when it lands in the UK as it’s going to be a total sell out!!! (no need to pay yet!) Completely budgeproof, smudgeproof eyeshadow, once this is on, it ain’t going anywhere!! 💿📀💿📀💿📀💿📀💿📀💿📀💿📀💿 Contact me to preorder. #rosegoldshimmer #preordershadowsense #senegenceuk #longlastingmakeup #budgeproofeyeshadow #rosegoldeyeshadow #comingsoon negenceuk #longlastingmakeup #budgeproofeyeshadow #rosegoldeyeshadow #comingsoon


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Enchanted Forest ShadowSense - now available

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