Only buy LipSense®️ From a registered distributor.

A customer recently bought a FAKE LIPSENSE from WISH it cost her the grand total of £4 !!!! And she thought she was getting a great deal! (She is back buying from me after her experience).

The colour she choose was Fire n Ice LipSense®️ as it's a colour she had previously purchased from me.

She described it as “so so watery, tacky to touch and has a horrendous smell”.

She stated it “wiped straight off, tested on my arm, and my arm is now really itchy so I dread to think what is actually in it”.

What amazed her is the packaging is near enough exactly the same as what I sell. Same info, same ingredients, same address, same trademark and registered symbols etc etc.

I am a registered independent distributor of SheerSense. My ID number is 801879 and I can be checked out as being a distributor with SheerSense®️ the UK branch of SeneGence®️.

Moral of the story

if you buy cheap you get fake.

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