Monday Motivation

I read this recently and loved it!💕

As you get older you’ll realise that a £3,000 watch and a £30 watch both tell the same time ⏱

A Hugo Boss wallet and a Next wallet hold the same amount of money 💵

A £300,000 house and a £100,000 house host the same loneliness 🏠

A Ford will also drive you as far as a Bentley 🚗

True happiness is not found in materialistic things, it comes from memories, experiences, love, and laughter with each other 🕺🏼 💃🏻.

Remember to stay humble... the holes dug for us in the ground are all the same size. #merrychristmas #edinburgh #stayhumble #mondaymotivation #attitudeofgratitude #positivemindset

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