LipSense Gloss

🎶 My lip gloss is poppin’ 🎶

Your satisfaction is our priority- and in order for us to guarantee you love your product, we can’t forget about Step #2 to our long lasting lip color- Glossy Gloss 💦

I always suggest starting with Glossy Gloss as a first time user (over our large variety of specialty gloss options) because, it is the most hydrating- containing vitamin E and shea butter- hydration is super important when adjusting to a color that lasts all day! 💕

It might be tempting to try your own gloss, but I wouldn't suggest it- because our color does not stain the lips but rather molecularly bonds to them and this gloss is specially formulated to seep in and lock in the color while penetrating and hydrating.

👉🏻If you’re not a fan of the glossy look- don’t worry! The gloss after applied does go matte after it seals the color in, and never feels sticky!

On the other hand- if you love the glossy look- feel free to apply as often as desired throughout the day and keep those lips looking nice and shiny! 💋 #gloss #lipgloss #glossygloss #glossylips #glossy #lipsense #senegence #lipsensegloss


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