How to use a trio of ShadowSense®️.

There are certain milestones we all hit that make us feel like we’ve hit true adulthood: Buying our first car or home, cooking your first meal and, of course, mastering some basic (yet vital) makeup techniques.

One of the simplest makeup skills to learn involves an eye shadow trios. We’ve all seen them, but using them correctly seems like such an undertaking, right? We decided to lift the mystery of the trio palette and show you how to use it right.

Eye Shadow Trio Palette


Apply an eye primer (I use candlelight or Sandstone ShadowSense as a primer as well as a base colour). Then, dust the base color (the lightest shade in the palette) on your entire lid and up to the brow.


Apply your lid color with a medium, flat shadow bush. For stronger pigment, pat it on until you reach the color intensity you want.


Apply the crease color (the darkest shade in the palette) to your crease and outer corner of the eyes. Blend it well with a fluffy shadow brush, so the colour transition looks natural.


Take the base shade and apply it along the brow bone to finish. #shadowsense #eyeshadow #creasefree #antiaging