Expresso LipSense®️

So last night I wore Expresso with Golden Pearl Gloss. I was on a night out and felt super glam! Full face of SheerSense products when stayed perfectly in place for the entire night. No smudging, no budging just looking fab! I wore

🖤CCTM medium

🤎Garnet ShadowSense as contour

🖤Bronze dust as blush

🤎Candlelight ShadowSense as concealer

🖤French toast ShadowSense

🤎Copper Rose shimmer ShadowSense

🖤Sandstone pearl shimmer as highlight on eye and cheeks

🖤Liquid EyeSense

🤎VolumeIntense Mascara

🖤Black eye pencil

🤎Expresso LipSense

🖤Golden Pearl Gloss #lipsense #shadowsense #gloss #eyesense #volumeintense #mascara #smudgeproof #budgeproof


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