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Anyone interested in the distributors kit?

iIt doesn’t mean you have to sell product! It does mean you get a fantastic bundle of products and you are entitled to higher discounts than I can give as you will be buying directly instead of through me.

There are 2 options :

The kit bundle £120.00 which includes:


💄💄 Lipsense in 4 colours!

Blu red LipSense®️

Praline Rose LipSense®️

Sassy Z LipSense®️

Caramel Latte LipSense®️

Glossy gloss

Oops remover

👁👁Shadowsense®️in 3 shades!


Moca Java


NEW FORMULA VolumeIntense Black LashSense®️Mascara!

The RRP on the products is £210.

Plus a fab set of make up brushes (face and eye) as well as beauty books disposable Lip's wands cotton pads a calculator, reversible mirror and a case for it all to store in.

Or the distributor discount membership £55

PLUS sign up as a personal shopper or to start your own business before 1st June and get a free LipSense®️and Gloss when you place your qualifying order within 30 days.

Click the link to sign up today.


Or message me for more information.


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