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Brightening Multi-Vitamin Treatment

Brightening Multi-Vitamin Treatment is specifically designed to target dark spots and dullness caused by environmental factors, scarring or hyperpigmentation for a brighter, more radiant complexion. In 8-week clinical trials, Brightening MultiVitamin Treatment: 🌟decreased skin roughness by 15.95% 🌟increased skin firmness by 67.97% 🌟increased skin moisturization by 29.66% Additional Benefits: ✨decreases wrinkle density by 32.9% ✨decreases wrinkle depth by 19.9% ✨decreases wrinkle volume by 23.2% ✨improves skin tone by 15.5% ✨improves skin elasticity by 5.5% #brighteningmultivitamintreatment #senegenceskincare #senedermskincare #antiageingskincare  


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